Making donations

If you have finished with your cloth journey and are looking to re-home your nappies, all donations are gratefully received. Please see below our policy on how we manage donations:

  • Nappies which are still widely available are put into our library stock for loans, or given to/swapped with other nappy libraries. Occasionally these will be put into our packs gifted to those in financial need

  • Nappies which are very old versions, hard to get hold of, or are greyed/stained will be put into our packs for those in need

  • Nappies which are bald, badly stained or damaged are repurposed by us, sent to the cloth bank, or sent to a charity that pays for bulk fabric

  • If you have any that are in good condition, we assume you give us permission to sell them on in order to fund-raise. If this is not acceptable, then that's fine, however please let us know in writing in advance of making the donation

We adhere to the UK Nappy Network donations management flowchart as detailed below:

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