Why choose cloth nappies?

For many the decision to choose reusable nappies is environmental and there is no denying this is a big feature, but there are so many more benefits as well:

1. Better containment than disposables - if you've had a newborn in disposable nappies before you'll likely be familiar with the 'up the back' explosions. We won't lie and say that you will never get a leak in cloth, however, at most you may get a small amount seep out of an overfull nappy or if baby is at an awkward position, but never anything that would reach the hairline. 

2. Better for your wallet - yes the upfront cost of real nappies may seem daunting, however there is a huge pre-loved market for grabbing bargains and nothing says it needs to be all or nothing from the start, many people buy one or two at a time and build up their stash slowly. In the long run it will be cheaper, most families will spend around £1,800 per child on disposable nappies, a cloth system can be set up from as little as £150 and it can be used for multiple children.

4. Better for your wardrobe - there is a print for everything and that is part of the fun! Most cloth bum parents choose to store their nappies on display  rather than hide them away in a drawer. 

5. Better for baby - most families experience less nappy rash in real nappies because there are no chemicals to be found and they are more breathable. Plus studies show cloth nappies help keep hips wider which is the optimal position for newborn babies.

3. Better for the environment - even the 'eco' disposables take around 50 years to biodegrade in landfill, not to mention the impact of manufacturing and transporting each one. Cloth nappies are worn multiple times and can be used for multiple children. Even once they come to the end of their lives the PUL can be re-purposed for craft projects and the interior as cleaning cloths.

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